Hi All. I wanted to show you a service I have been working on for the past few weeks. As you may already know, I have a side project (LaravelCollections.com), a lot of users requested a Job Board and that’s what I have been working on.

A Job Board for Laravel / PHP / Vue developers, I am calling it ‘Jobs by LaravelCollections.com’. This Job Board is intended to help great developers find work, as well as small firms and individuals to find the best developer for their openings. Let me explain in detail.


Need a Laravel Developer for your Project?

You can find my contacts here


How did it happen

This side project got a bit of traction from the start of this year. Since then people have been requesting for a Job Board, initially, I did not have a valid enough reason to work on a Job Board. After a few more requests, I realized how many great developers have a hard time finding full-time or freelance work, I felt I can help.

At first, I thought to partner with LaraJobs to show their listings on the site but for reasons I still don’t understand, this did not work in my favor. So I decided to build a job board from scratch. I spoke with a few friends in the industry to find what they might be willing to pay for a Job Listing that reaches 100s of developers. Once I knew that people are willing to pay for it and how much they would pay, I started work on actually building the job board, this was probably the easiest part for me.

The Job board started taking shape quickly and now I had to find employers. I did not want to launch a Job Board without any jobs so I reached out to a few agencies and I made an offer they could not refuse. I offered a free listing with all the paid features, who would say no. After 15 or so emails, I had my first 5 “free” customers.

The Launch

After weeks of work and preparations, I decided to launch it yesterday that is May 8th. I first announced it on the social media pages for the site, then on HackerNews, Reddit, IndieHackers, and DesignerNews. This got me the first few 100 users. Overall the launch went great, lots of new users, quite a bit of experience along the way.

A word for Employers

If you are interested in posting your Laravel / PHP / Vue opening, it’s quite simple, just fill in this form. Each listing costs $29 and your job opening is shown to 100s of developers on our site, plus.

  • Shown at the top of our Board.
  • Shown at the bottom of all pages for a week.
  • Featured to our weekly newsletter.
  • Sent out to our notification Subscribers.
  • Posted on our social media pages.
  • Shared to similar groups on Facebook

Not bad for $29 ah.


These last few weeks have been greatly experiential for me. I learned the process that’s involved in building and launching a product or service, like where to find potential customers, how to price it, how to promote it and how to handle sales.

I am hoping to improve this Job Board whenever I get time, if you have any suggestions or feedback, let them known.

That’s all for now. Bye.
More about me at SimplestWeb.in