Hi All, I am Adi.

I wanted to share with you my recent experience with the Cordova on a client project.

Recently I picked up a client project, it was relatively simple, no crunching large sets of data in the app, not many apis and it was pretty much text all throughout the app. These are what I like to call 'Informative apps', they just present user with info about an entity or a topic.

Since this was a simple app I decided to use Cordova and Vue for managing the JavaScript logic. I made a prototype in about a day’s time and over a weekend I had something I could show my client and get reviewed. Within about a week I was half way to 1.0, I am not sure which other sdk or framework could have given me such results.

Common features like push-notifications, native db and URL mapping were implemented within 30 minutes each, through battle tested plugins also from the Cordova Team.

Now to some disadvantages of the framework that left a mark on the app were,

  • Not being able to customize the notification (this was a crucial part of the app)
  • Performance of the app is tied to how well our JS code performs
  • Not being able to optimize the native code

Though I really enjoy working with React Native, I could never use such a heavy framework for such light apps.

Do let me know of your experience with Cordova, even if it was a nightmare.


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