Hi All, I have some great news about Simplest Web. I’ve decided it’s time to take my freelance efforts to the next level, find an office space to work from. It was one of my goals for 2020 to find an office for Simplest Web. This goal came true sooner than I expected. It was in December when I had the thought that it might be time to up the scale of my Software Development Services.

So far, I had been working from home and having client meetings at cafes. It was and still can be sufficient for the work I do, but a few perks of a private space excites me to give it a try. The first and biggest perk is as the name suggests “private” space, it’s very important to me that I have my own dedicated space to work out of, when you’re working from home there’s only so much room you can spare from the clutter of household things. Best of all, there’s an infinite number of possibilities when you’re starting fresh, this appeals to me a lot. Will be able to experiment with a lot of things and see what fits the space.

I don’t see new clients walk in with a requirement for my services, this is not how I work (I need to know the person to start any work) and I don’t expect this to happen but it’ll be fun to experience it when something like this happens. This won’t be my first office nor the last, but I am feeling very positive and eager to see how things go.

I want to use this new place as my workspace, hangout area, to meet clients, for creative activities, to hold small meetups and to organize movie nights. I can hear you say, enough already.

I am very excited to see what this new change will have for my life and Simplest Web’s future. I will be sharing more updates with you in the future.

Thanks to everyone that made this possible, I can’t thank Saravanan Doctor enough, who arranged everything from the start to end.

Here’s the location, you’re always welcomed to visit.


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